Lady Gaga Takes “Put Your Paws Up” To Next Level, Becomes Panda.


The revolutionary costume for today, according to Lady Gaga, as she appeared on the Japanese television show Sukkiri, is dressing like a panda.

But there’s more to the video than her get-up. In the video above she’s gifted with a giant Gaga-inspired Hello Kitty doll by a middle-aged member of the Lolita fashion cult, asked to describe her most famous outfits by a man wearing what appears to be a Lucite bow-tie, briefly explains her connection to the the late Alexander McQueen‘s equally late muse Isabella Blow, is flanked by two other guys of unknown function, one of whom impersonates Malcolm MacDowell in A Clockwork Orange, and has all Japanese interpreted for her by the most unflappable translator in Tokyo

At any given moment there are at least three people talking at the same time. This is a Japanese morning show, by the way, another reason that country is cooler than the United States.

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