Watch: Laganja Estranja Teases New 'Gold Grill BBQ' Music Video

Laganja Estranja Gold Grill BBQ Featured Image

On July 4, 2014 Laganja Estranja Entertainment, in collaboration with Petal Rock Productions, will release the music video and single “Gold Grill BBQ” by Krysta Youngs ft. Laganja Estranja and Melanie Fontana.

Watch the teaser video below.

The video highlights the dynamic talents of these three unique artists with a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of a blinged-out backyard barbeque. Featured dancers, curated fashions, and endless creativity make this beer-budget video pure gold.


Laganja Estranja, a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance and choreography at California Institute of the Arts. After appearing as a contestant on LogoTV’s Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Laganja has traveled the world, headlining in Europe and walking in the Melange Brasil Fashion Show in Rio de Janeiro. Laganja is a featured rap artist on several singles including “Got Beat” and “Gold Grill BBQ,” and is currently working on her own mixtape with artists such as Rye Rye. Her jewelry line “Laganja Estranja is My Enemy” by CHRISHABANA and makeup line in collaboration with X-Tar Cosmetics can be purchased at Round2LA in Los Angeles and Patricia Field in New York as well as online. Laganja has also appeared as a contortionist along side Christina Aguilera for the American Music Awards, in Austin Young’s “Tranimal Workshop,” in Gareth Pugh’s fashion film “PITTI,” and in Project Mermaids. As an artist, Laganja believes “LET’S GET SICKINGGGGGG!” “I’m proud to be the cherry on top of #ggbbq! I love grabbin’ that meat like a carnivore. And gold, well that’s just timeless!”

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Krysta Youngs is a singer, songwriter, and eyelash rocker. Born in Flint, MI she made her way through NYC and Nashville before landing in the City of Angels. An alumnus of the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA Krysta proves more than just your ordinary pop topliner. Conceptually and musically gifted, she has written songs for major and indie label artists in the US and beyond including Jesse McCartney, Josh Groban, My Crazy Girlfriend (Capitol Records), Grammy winning pianist Ruslan Sirota, Eric Benet, Japanese pop star Ayaka Hirahara (Universal), Anthony Evans and YouTube Sensations Andy Kirk and Ahmir. She has also worked with some of the music industry’s greatest; David Quinones (The Writing Camp) Keith Harris and George Pajon Jr (Black Eyed Peas), Davy Nathan and Roy Kariok (Tony Braxton), Bert Elliott (One Republic). In addition to her songwriting she is also the voice of Nickelodeon’s Lalaloopsy commercials and is currently working on her solo EP.
“Gold Grill BBQ was birthed out of my love for the movie FRIDAY. I wanted to create a modern day, ratchet chic sing along song that people can party to!”

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Melanie Fontana is a 3x platinum songwriter/vocalist signed to David Foster & Rondor/Universal Music. Originally from CT by way of NYC, she currently resides in Los Angeles. She’s penned songs for Girls Generation, Justin Bieber, The Band Perry, F(x), & co-written with The Veronicas, Nick Carter, Jordan Knight, TLC, Jake Miller, and Christina Milian & Karmin. She was the songwriter/writing consultant for Norwegian Idol in Oslo, Norway in 2013, as well as wrote the song “Hit Me Up” for their 2014 Eurovision finalist, Charlie. Melanie’s writing & vocals are featured on her 1st Billboard-charting artist release, “Nothing Really Matters” by DJ Tydi. Her voice is also featured on “Fireflies” by DJ John Dahlback, which she also wrote. She’s performed at world-famous venues B.B Kings, The Apollo, CBGB’s & The Bitter End in NYC as well as L.A.’s House of Blues. Melanie plans to continue to write & entertain audiences for years to come.
“Gold Grill BBQ was the sparkling brainchild of Krysta Youngs, and seeing as we both have a love for all things colorfully vivid, I was more than happy to drip some of my golden thoughts into this co-write. I’m thrilled to see the fruition of this idea!”

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Music Credits:
Written by Krysta Youngs and Melanie Fontana
Produced by Yan Perchuk and Gladius
Album Art by Radim Malnic

Music Video Credits:
Videographers: Dan McClung and Justin Moro
Director: Kristen Lovell
Choreographers: Jay Jackson and Tarance Artis
Styling: James Price Jr.
Clothing: Round 2 LA, Lip Service, and Super Shop 24hrs
Featured Dancers: Barbies Addiction
BBQ Bitches: Taylor Jamison, Karma Zabetch, Courtney Cooper, Addison Henson, Alexandria Yalj, Meggan Ryan, Consuelo Marie, Alex Niceforo, Thanos Kazakos, Noah Lifschey, David Craig, Kirby Harrell, and Rico Simmons