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Laith Ashley is Taylor Swift’s latest love interest… as if he wasn’t already everybody else’s

Side-by-side pictures of Laith Ashley lying in bed with Taylor Swift in the

Queerty and the Swifties are celebrating Taylor’s new Midnights project arm-in-arm after a special someone was revealed to be involved.

The work was revealed to be a visual album just hours before release with a supercut teaser trailer and an accompanying cast list. Among names like Laura Dern, John Early, and Dita Von Teese was model, trans activist, and general sweetheart Laith Ashley.

Ashley features in an intimate scene in the video as Taylor caresses his back, revealing shimmering galaxy-esque light.

Fans were sufficiently teased:

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Swift had a bit of a Reputation of casting cis white men as her music video love interests, a habit not changed up until her “Lover” music video in 2019. Since then, she’s developed into painting with a good few colors of the rainbow.

It can sometimes feel silly to celebrate #Diversity in popular culture here in 2022, but a marked precedent being set here by one of the biggest pop stars in the world does feel like a little victory.

This turbulent time for trans people in the U.S., marked by legislative attempts to outlaw gender-affirming care and separate trans people from the youth, a trans man of color being featured in a positive light to millions of people is a step in the right direction.

Swift’s previous forays into allyship have gotten pretty mixed receptions.  Her “You Need To Calm Down” music video was called progressive by some and exploitative by others, and her impromptu performance at Stonewall got much of the same treatment. Even while raising funds for queer causes, the divided public doesn’t seem to know how have a nuanced opinion when it comes to Ms. Swift.

It seems like haters will be hard-pressed to find a reason to hate on this casting choice, though — this beloved queer figure getting his shine in front of a huge fanbase is sure to win at least a few hearts.

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If you need a little Laith Ashley music video goodness to tide you over until his Midnights cameo drops, you’re in luck! In addition to a good few collabs, the model has some very cute pop tunes of his own.

Check out his original music video “Before You Go”:

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