PHOTOS: Male Models Free for the Licking in “Lally Pop Magazine”


Joseph Lally‘s work has appeared in Black Book, Coitus and GQ Italia, but the fashion photographer is taking his flash in his own hands with a new online mag all his own.

Though it features some of fashion’s top male models in various states of undress,  Lally Pop Magazine is more than just great man candy (though, let’s be clear — it is great man candy).

“Lally Pop Magaazine is an expression of sensual beauty without apology,” according to Lally. “It is a place to indulge your self. I want the images to imprint the viewer and raise their frequency; to being about the power of daydreaming.”

What a pleasant way to dream Monday away. Word of warning, some pics are NSFW-ish…unless your work’s cool with bare man cheeks. And for more dreams, check out Lally Pop Magazine!