Lance and Pedro “Just Friends”?

Rumors of Lance Bassnew relationship are greatly over exaggerated. Or so he claims. The former boy bander and new Hairspray star tells Us that he and Brazilian model Pedro Andrade are “just friends”:

He’s just a friend. We are just friends now. I guess you can say we’re dating because we’ve been on multiple dates, but it’s nothing exclusive. I’m freshly out of a relationship.

When the gossip rag pointed out that he and crazy Reichen only broke up four months ago, Bass replied:

But I’ve never dated in my adult gay life. I need to do that. Mainly I don’t want to date anyone right now because I’m so focused on my career, which I haven’t been for the last four years.

Luckily, Bass’ career and his non-relationship can flourish together – both he and Andrade – who Bass describes as “the sweetest person ever” – will be living in NYC for the next six months.

Thanks for the tip, Made in Brazil!