Lance and Pedro’s Late Night

Lance Bass and his new beau, the “amazing” cutie Pedro Andrade got snapped leaving the Southern Hospitality restaurant launch party last night.

The boys were joined by Justin Timberlake, a shy Jessica Biel and a photo ready Brooke Hogan.

Unfortunately, Wireimage lists Andrade as a plebian “guest”. Don’t they know he’s a movie star??


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  • UndercoverPants

    Now, nobody is happier than me about former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry somehow stumbling upon the mythical fountain of (designer vest-clad) youth, but I think Lance Bass deserves better.

  • RyRy

    He’s really not that pretty. I mean, I think Lance isn’t drop dead gorgeous, but this guy isn’t as hot as everyone is marketing him. Lance’s famousness can get him someone more sexy.

  • rock

    Undercover..I was thinking the same who superimposed John Kerry’s younger face on this guy’s body….add in some longer hair from just after the Vietnam War and you have John Kerry.

    If Lance Bass wasn’t the former boy band member he is..he would be just another regular Gay Guy..which is cool…but since he whom he is…um, if you are going to date a model….pick a model..not this guy. (and no one can tell me he is a model…who snuck him in the model union…must have a relative or something as the model union leader.)

  • nycstudman

    C Listey hot!

  • newyorkie

    Can’t stop laughing at Pedro’s Zoolander face.

  • vince

    they haven’t even been together that long and they’re already dressing to match?

    pardon me while i projectile vomit everywhere.

  • rock

    LOL..Vince, I just noticed that….oh my….and yep, NewYorkie..its like a deer in the headlights.. a cross between a Young John Kerry and Zoolander goes Boy band…..and I used to swear it was Justin who is the Gay one..but I swear he still 2 Gays in one Boy Band..and a whole bunch more who are not OUT but we all know are on our team!

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