Lance Bass’ Continues Celebrity Trend Of Using Twitter To Apologize For Slurs

UPDATE: Queerty reader Christopher turned us to Lance Bass’ apologetic column explaining his use of the word and how the gay media likes to pounce whenever a celebrity uses a slur.

Twitter has become the way for public figures to quickly apologize for saying anti-LGBT things. GQ used Twitter to apologize for saying that Adam Lambert had a “testosterone problem;” hip-hop performer JoJo tweeted his mea culpa for saying faggot and Neil Patrick Harris tweeted his regrets when he said trannies on TV too.

Well now perpetual pop man-child Lance Bass has used the micro-blogging site to do the same.

You’ll recall that yesterday Bass said “trannies” twice while appearing on Access Hollywood. As predicted, he quickly took to Twitter where he issued this dumb apology:

You think ONE of my MANY transvestite friends would have told me “tranny” is a bad word now! They only call themselves that – I’m sorry if I offended anyone by using that word! #justbeeneduacated

Trans supporters around the world can now sleep safely in their beds knowing that an aged ex-pop star won’t say the t-word on daytime television ever again.

Celebrities, take note: it now takes less than 160 characters to begin apologizing for degrading an entire group of people.