Lance Bass’ Continues Celebrity Trend Of Using Twitter To Apologize For Slurs

UPDATE: Queerty reader Christopher turned us to Lance Bass’ apologetic column explaining his use of the word and how the gay media likes to pounce whenever a celebrity uses a slur.

Twitter has become the way for public figures to quickly apologize for saying anti-LGBT things. GQ used Twitter to apologize for saying that Adam Lambert had a “testosterone problem;” hip-hop performer JoJo tweeted his mea culpa for saying faggot and Neil Patrick Harris tweeted his regrets when he said trannies on TV too.

Well now perpetual pop man-child Lance Bass has used the micro-blogging site to do the same.

You’ll recall that yesterday Bass said “trannies” twice while appearing on Access Hollywood. As predicted, he quickly took to Twitter where he issued this dumb apology:

You think ONE of my MANY transvestite friends would have told me “tranny” is a bad word now! They only call themselves that – I’m sorry if I offended anyone by using that word! #justbeeneduacated

Trans supporters around the world can now sleep safely in their beds knowing that an aged ex-pop star won’t say the t-word on daytime television ever again.

Celebrities, take note: it now takes less than 160 characters to begin apologizing for degrading an entire group of people.

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  • JayKay

    Not a single fuck was given.

  • Kyle

    Who cares about what this weird looking dude says desperately trying to get media attention for his planned ‘tranny’ comment.

  • Joshua Dail

    What’s the big fucking deal? If “trannies” is offensive, that’s also new to be. As a
    gay man I am continually dumbfounded by the overzealous nature of political correctness. ten years ago “queer” was still a slur, then we reclaimed the word. how can one keep up with the constantly changing culture, and how should we expect everyone to anyhow. what’s the big deal, and seriously, who cares? I think the word “tranny” is endearing, anyhow. Maybe I’m just an ignorant transsexual hating gay myself as well, and I don’t even know it.

  • Joshua Dail

    second sentence is “me” not “be”…

  • Kyle

    Lance Bass looks like Ellen.

  • Kyle

    @Kyle: Ironically.

  • bagooka

    I don’t see what the problem is. None of the whiners know Lance Bass personally. If you’re offended at what a total stranger says, you probably need medication. It’s not like any of the trannies are in love with Lance.

  • Aiden

    @Joshua Dail: Of course it doesn’t offend you, you’re just gay. That’s just as irrelevant as a straight person saying that fag doesn’t offend them.

  • Gay Country Wes

    Who said this was wrong because, as some have already said, the PC movement makes things “sooo wrong” before any of the rest of the “community” knows about it. The other side of this…I don’t, for a second, believe apologies from people in the spotlight. Honestly, apologies don’t come from their minds and hearts. It comes from their publicists or managers as a plan to save face. If it came out, there was obviously a reason…whatever it may be. Don’t waste the time of people that couldn’t give a crap by tweeting or facebooking an apology that isn’t felt.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    OMG ! Here we go again every time someone say’s “Tranny” the Transgender peeps get their silk panties all in a wad…. My God chill out already and give the rest of us a break as were sick of hearing about it. Geeeeeezzzzz

  • Christopher

    @daniel Villarreal. Perhaps you should do a little more research before writing. There is a lengthy article written by Mr. Bass on huffington post. Twitter was just one method he used, which does happen to be limited. But you implication that this was all that was said is either disingenuous or misinformed.

    It seems as all the other gay blogs have taken the time and effort to get their information correct. But queerty couldn’t be bothered and would rather be snide and accusatory.

  • Red Meat

    TRanny is NOT a slur. Just Stop already.

  • Peter

    My question is why is Lance the one apologising, when the other guy, when asked “What are we supposed to call them (transgendered people)?” replied, ‘I don’t know, really really gay?”. That is in my opinion both homophobic and transphobic, in that it equates femininity and cross dressing with homosexuality, and also disregardes the gender identity of transgender individuals. If anyone should apologise it’s him.

  • Joe

    Enough with the PC BS please… thanks.

  • Fitz

    Tranny. That is all. Stay tuned.

  • Jess

    As it is very clear that the use of the word “tranny” is unnacceptable to trans activists, I make it a point to say “tranny” as often as possible.

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