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  • Jack

    Yay, go Lance! :)

  • James UK

    2 down, 99 to go.

    Now where is that Weir girl when you need her?!

  • Sceth

    Animal rights and animal protections activists humor and slightly irritate me. Human laws are created for humans, by humans – rights are things we invent to save ourselves from each other, completely irrelevant to anything that isn’t human. We protect biodiversity and ecology because they benefits US, not because anything nonhuman has an intrinsic “right” to life or comfort or dignity. PETA is futile. His time would be better spent in nonmilitant animal welfare work.

  • Jimmy

    Every time I hear about PETA, I get hungry for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Now I now what I’m having for lunch tomorrow.

  • Sceth

    @Sceth: Correction: In the third sentence, “they benefit US,” should be the second clause.

  • larry

    Check out this video PETA made:

  • damon459

    P.eople E.ating T.asty A.nimals
    Peta is so nuts they want you to even feed your pets a vegan diet stating they will live longer Cats and Ferrets for example are Obligate or true carnivores and are not able to digest large amounts of plant matter it can in fact kill them I love my pets I won’t give them up and I will them a proper diet if PETA don’t like it they can kiss my animal loving ass.

  • J

    @damon459: Rofl, animal loving? In the same way someone could be considered “pizza loving” then yes, you are. You may love an animal, or certain animals, but calling you an animal lover is a stretch that could only be made by a diluted mind.

  • Joseph

    mmmm meat! I’m going to have some lamb for lunch today!

  • TonyD

    Does Lance have a goal of acting/reality tv/broadway/solo career/activism/ just goofing off? Anything on record? Even with tons of money, you have to get tired of all these vanity poster projects sometime, right? You can’t think you’ll look pretty for good causes and tan your life away.

  • Alex

    PETA is alright in so far that is has to respect the law – what is far worse are animal “rights” terrorists. Example, one deluded freak in HOlland decided to “liberate” a mink farm letting 2500 (or 2000 something like that) minks escape of which a significant amount were subsequently killed by cars on the highway. The projection of human sentiments onto animals is the ultimate decadence in a society that can afford to care more about animals than its own kind – very disturbing.

  • Michael

    So, it’s crazy good that Lance Bass is seen holding two mutts, or is it crazy bad? I don’t get it.

  • damon459

    PETA has been caught on more then one occasion with freezers full of dead cats and dogs so they’re no more animal lovers then anyone else plus some of there members wouldn’t even be alive without the animal testing and the insulin which use to come from cows prior to 1978 when synthetic insulin was “invented”. Also to #9 J I feed my pets the diet they are ment to eat that means they eat animal flesh as the would in they would in the wild, do you want to try forcing wild animals to be vegans? As an American Indian I can tell you we take the act of killing an animal for food very seriously there are even ceremonies involved when hunting so yes I’m an animal lover who loves all animals even the ones who provide me with food. I should also point out the circle of life isn’t a cute cuddly thing we die and so does everything else on this planet I don’t think animals raised for food should be tortured yet I also know that science has benefited greatly from some forms of animal testing. One other thing and this is big for me peta pushes the use of synthetics over animal hide which do you think is worse shoes made from cow hide or shoes made from oil? which really hurts the overall environment more? You can’t have it both ways you can’t have you cake and eat it too as they say either you kill animals or destroy land and pollute the air with fossil fuels. I could go on and on but that fact is I don’t agree with PETA and I never will.

  • mikey

    why hate on PETA. It’s humans and their cruel ways on animals (not forgetting on the gays too) who have brought about much suffering. I don’t support any extremism in any groups, but you guys really need to watch those animal cruelty videos, which are really sick to the stomach!

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