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Lance Bass Feels Like A Whole Human Now That He Has A Husband

lance-bass_michael-turchinAs if being the world’s most famous gay newlyweds wasn’t enough, Lance Bass and Michael Turchin want you to watch their wedding. On television.

And we’ve got to be honest and say that we can’t wait.

The adorable couple, whose wedding extravaganza Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding will be the first-ever network special featuring same-sex nuptials, sat down with GLAAD’s Claire Pires to discuss what it what it was like growing up gay in the south, why they were afraid to invite Lisa Vanderpump to one of their dinner parties, and the importance of having put a ring on it.

“Once you’re able to say husband, it just means so much more,” Lance told GLAAD. “You feel like a whole human being … no longer a second class citizen.”

Michael agreed. “You’re just looked upon as a full person that can live a life just like anyone else, and that’s so important.”

See the full interview below.

Watch Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding tonight (and probably every night for the next six months) on E!