Lance Bass Gives Relationship Advice: “Sometimes Cheaters Want To Be Caught!”

lance-bass-dating-advice-cheatersIncredibly famous superstar celebrity and former astronaut Lance Bass spilled some personal tea on Bethenny this week, admitting to the former Real Housewife that he once broke up with a boyfriend he discovered was cheating on him.

With two other men!

Lance allegedly exposed his cheating man after he found some incriminating messages on Facebook. Stars! They’re just like us!

“If you’re gonna leave your Facebook page open for me to read, I’m gonna read it. And it broke up a relationship because I read some of those emails too. I read an email…he was dating two other people as we were living together, and if it wasn’t for me reading that Facebook page that was open, I wouldn’t never known…Sometimes they want to be caught.”

Lance failed to drop the name of his cheating ex, though speculation seems to indicate it may have been a fellow “star.” Was it Juan Pablo?

Could it have been one of the “tons” of gay celebrities Lance is besties with? You tell us.

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  • Cam

    So he has bad taste in men and reads his boyfriends e-mail.

    He sounds like more of a douche than I thought.

  • pierrot

    You gotta read your boyfriend’s email if you suspect him of cheating. You don’t want to catch any STDs from those other guys he’s possibly banging!

  • Cam


    If you think your boyfriend is cheating there are 3 possible issues.

    1. He is cheating, you are perceptive, and are not enjoying the relationship. Dump him, don’t go through a bunch of drama trying to catch him.

    2. He isn’t cheating but isn’t that in to the relationship and is distant. Dump Him

    3. He isn’t cheating, is into the relationship, and you are too needy, not a functional adult and aren’t ready for an adult relationship. You need to be single and figure things out.

  • Black Pegasus

    LMAO @ that goofy photo.

    As for the article; I personally think ALL men will cheat if the right opportunity exists. Doesn’t mean they’re out seeking to cheat, it simply means they won’t turn down an offer if the moons and the stars are properly aligned.

  • Cam

    @Black Pegasus:

    You need to meet some different guys! Will some cheat? Sure, will all? No way.

    And if I found out some guy like Bass was reading my e-mail behind my back. I would let him read it all, then when he was done and saw that he had nothing to worry about…I’d dump his ass for being a slimy douche.

  • AJAnders

    “Incredibly famous superstar celebrity and former astronaut Lance Bass”

    That’s a pretty generous intro. A little too generous. He was a late 90’s boy bander who stood in the back and sang doo-waps for Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez and then had a failed attempt to go into outer space after sponsors couldn’t raise enough money to send him…over a decade ago.

    I don’t mean to sound like an ass but I wish we had more famous gay celebrities to follow for things they’re doing now. Not for being famous 17 years ago.

  • pierrot

    Hahaha, how come all three of your options lead to a breakup? Tough luck for gays in a relationship if everything is so easily discarded!

    There’s a Japanese proverb which goes “Don’t fix your crown under the plum tree”. Basically if you fix your crown, you have to reach up with your arms, and people may think you’re trying to pick the plums instead.

    In other words, don’t invite unnecessary suspicion on yourself.

  • Cam


    There is an easy path that DOESN’T lead to a break up. You aren’t jealous and suspicious, and/or your boyfriend isn’t cheating on you.

    My comment before was directed at the people saying they were reading their boyfriends e-mails

  • vive

    I disagree. Sometimes a little snooping is justified. It doesn’t make you a douche. Everything is not so black and white. What are you hiding anyway?

  • Cam


    If you read my earlier post you would have seen, I would let him read all my e-mail to see that there was nothing I was hiding. Then I would dump him for being an un=trusting douche. Because most of the time the type of people that are overly jealous or un=trusting are that way because they themselves are cheaters or untrustworthy.

  • Merv

    He looks like a Dr. Seuss character in that picture.

  • vive

    @Cam, meanwhile in the real world sometimes there is an unverified suspicion and the only way to be sure it is with some snooping. The most loving boyfriend could be a cheating liar and yet appear completely trustworthy. You hear about it from someone else who might not be the most reliable source. When asked, said boyfriend will deny it all and cover you with kisses. Are you going to just dump the person on hearsay without at least attempting to verify?

  • Stache99

    The common denominator you’ll find here is fucking drama queens.

  • Cam


    Gee, or you could ask him.

  • vive

    @Cam, I mentioned that he was asked and he lied very convincingly. You cannot dump someone you have trusted for a long time on hearsay. The potential personal danger from possible exposure to disease certainly justified a little bit of snooping. Turned out he was meeting people online for bareback sex.

  • Cam


    You asked, and he lied. You then snooped and found out.

    Why did you snoop even after you asked him? Because the relationship was already dead. He told you something and you didn’t trust him.

    That is a dead relationship. You already knew it was over.

  • vive

    @Cam, that is simplistic.

  • Blackceo

    @Black Pegasus:

    I don’t think “ALL” will, but I believe most will.

  • Cam


    By simplistic do you mean, not full of manufactured drama and unlike a bad sitcom?

  • vive

    @Cam, if you are characterizing your responses, then yes.

    Your advice requires a person to be clairvoyant, since otherwise there is no way of knowing someone is lying to you. Only a jerk would dump someone based on a rumor. You can keep bringing up lofty ideals of trust, which are fine up to a point, but there comes a stage where your own life would be at stake if the thing is true, and then only a fool wouldn’t verify.

  • Cam


    If you think that having some trust for the person you are dating is a lofty ideal, then you probably shouldn’t date.

    And again, I never said anything about a rumor. I said that if you distrusted your boyfriend enough to search through his e-mail, then the trust was already gone from the relationship. May as well dump him. Because you know, apparently it never occurred to you to just…oh I don’t know ASK him. If after talking to him, you still don’t believe him, then the relationship is dead anyway, put it out of it’s misery.

  • vive

    @Cam, so all it takes to make you break up with a boyfriend is a nasty rumor? What if you ask him and he lies convincingly, as most would? Anyone with any common sense would say, okay, I provisionally believe this person I have trusted for years, but let me just verify. It just means that we can never truly know someone else’s internal thoughts and we have to protect ourselves. It sounds like you would base your decision on whether you can meditate and make yourself believe that all is sunshine and butterflies and Santa is real.

    You must be very young or very inexperienced, since you are just regurgitating the stuff of romance novels and reality TV pop psychology. Things are not so black and white.

  • Pitou

    @vive: I agree with you, but I think you’re beating you head against the wall trying to convince ONE other person that your thoughts on the matter are valid.

    In my experience, I’ve had a few BF’s cheat… I was drawn to their OPEN email accounts or text messages and found messages between him(them) and their tricks and on one occasion his regular email was linked to his “sex” email and I read that he was having bb sex with a trick from CL in a local hotel along with countless other sexually stimulated conversations with others that didn’t produce the proof to accuse as flings. In all instances though, I was led to the suspicion because quite some time was going by without our being intimate and the bf seemed distant and somewhat cold. Regardless, had I not snooped I never would have known what was going on and in the end I’m really grateful that I did, especially with the bf who was bb’ing some trick, and yes.. I did give him some benefit of the doubt and asked him what was going on AFTER I read the emails and he LIED right to my face until I whipped out the printed email and read it back to him. Not much to say after that.

    If your gut is telling you something is wrong, well gurl.. SOMETHING IS WRONG!! If you need to uncover the evidence before you confront your man on the situation, then find your evidence because you may not be convinced one way or the other without it. Just don’t let the hunt consume you! There could be other, totally non-cheating factors at play (depression, etc.).

    BUT, No man is EVER going to admit to cheating if you have nothing to base your suspicions on.. I believe it’s called “burden of proof”, and accusations will never stand without it.

  • jar

    @vive: You seem desperate to justify your behavior. Consider from a different perspective. You brought yourself to the point at which you were willing to violate his trust (by rummaging through his private property). As Cam pointed out, at that point, you have already lost your relationship. If your suspicion is wrong, you have destroyed the trust in the relationship. If you are correct, he had already done so. So, it’s a lose-lose proposition. Hence, the relationship is already over.

    More importantly, I think the problem is that it took someone else to tell you he was cheating without you having any inkling before that point. Although I would imagine you already were worried about his honesty before that disclosure. And that’s where the problem in your relationship would lay. You didn’t need to go through his emails to find the truth. You probably knew it before you acted, but you wanted proof. Some would call that drama- the inability to face the truth on your own, instead wanting to be proven or disproven. I have never gone through someone else’s property for my own “need to know.” If I don’t trust someone, I’d leave. In reality, I have never had a problem with my partners utilizing this approach. I did, however, date someone who loved drama and constantly needed to have my feelings reinforced (manipulatively). He couldn’t understand how his behavior ended our relationship (eg, he’d accuse me of wanting to be with an old partner; he could not comprehend my telling him if I wanted to be with that person I would be, but I am here). No drama for me.

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