Lance Bass Gives Relationship Advice: “Sometimes Cheaters Want To Be Caught!”

lance-bass-dating-advice-cheatersIncredibly famous superstar celebrity and former astronaut Lance Bass spilled some personal tea on Bethenny this week, admitting to the former Real Housewife that he once broke up with a boyfriend he discovered was cheating on him.

With two other men!

Lance allegedly exposed his cheating man after he found some incriminating messages on Facebook. Stars! They’re just like us!

“If you’re gonna leave your Facebook page open for me to read, I’m gonna read it. And it broke up a relationship because I read some of those emails too. I read an email…he was dating two other people as we were living together, and if it wasn’t for me reading that Facebook page that was open, I wouldn’t never known…Sometimes they want to be caught.”

Lance failed to drop the name of his cheating ex, though speculation seems to indicate it may have been a fellow “star.” Was it Juan Pablo?

Could it have been one of the “tons” of gay celebrities Lance is besties with? You tell us.

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