Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin share adorable photos of newborn twins

Husbands Michael Turchin and Lance Bass in September 2021
Husbands Michael Turchin and Lance Bass (Photo: Shutterstock)

Last week, Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin announced they had become dads to newborn twins. The couple have been trying to become parents via a surrogate for several years but have had several failed attempts and setbacks.

The former *NSYNC singer-turned entrepreneur, Bass, 42, posted a photo to Instagram of two birth certificates, announcing the arrival on October 13 of Violet Betty and son Alexander James.

He followed this yesterday with the first public photos of the babies.


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Bass posted four photos, accompanied by the caption, “Haven’t slept much in 5 days and I’m covered in ick but I’ve never been so happy! Now there are four of us in this house that wear diapers (hint: it’s not me or @michaelturchinart).”

We’re guessing that besides Violet and Alexander, the reference to “four of us” wearing diapers is a reference to family pets: In one of the photos, one of Bass’s dogs can be seen wearing a diaper.

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Lance and Michael, 34, married in 2014. Husband Michael also posted close-up photos of the babies to his Instagram.


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Among those to offer congratulations on Bass’s post was actor Leslie Jordan (“Just breathtaking. Congratulations”), and Kris Jenner (“Congratulations!!!!!!!! What a blessing!!!!!!! ❤️🙏❤️🙏”).

Bass followed up with another photo of his daughter posed with a rather scary-looking doll that he assured followers would likely become her favorite.


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