Lance Bass Outs Late President Theodore Roosevelt: “Where There’s Smoke!”

lance-bass-outingHomosexual megaphone and media darling Lance Bass essentially tried to out late President Theodore Roosevelt this week. Do any Lance Bass news items surprise you anymore?

Bass, of course, dispensed his knowledge of Roosevelt’s alleged sexuality while speaking candidly with TMZ on a street corner Sunday night.

When asked if he thought he’d see a gay president in his lifetime, Bass said “A gay president, why not? Who knows. The way things are sped up with LGBT right now, I would not be surprised if we have a gay president in my lifetime.”

Oh yes, “things” have certainly “sped up with LGBT,” Lance. What with all the cute homophobes on network television right now. That’s progress!

“Statistically speaking, I’m sure that someone in the White House has definitely slept with the same sex,” he continued. “There’s been rumors. Where there’s smoke! Where there’s smoke! I’m looking at you, Roosevelt, LOL!”

Totally believable, seeing as “there are tons of gay celebrities” Lance knows about. Who said they had to be alive?