Lance Bass Says “Trannies” On TV. Here’s What Happens Next…

Lance Bass pulled a Neil Patrick Harris today by saying “trannies” while appearing on Access Hollywood.

Bass suggested that on comedian Billy Eichner‘s upcoming TV show Eichner should interview “trannies.” Eichner agreed, saying, “I love a tranny” before adding “We’re not supposed to call them trannies anymore” and mentioning Harris’ televised slur.

Bass replied, “I didn’t get the memo… I like my good ol’ trannies.”

Lance, Lance, Lance… having dated Reichen Lehmkuhl you really shouldn’t be making fun of others.

Cue GLAAD’s statement of disappointment, Bass’ requisite Twitter apology and online commenter quibbles over whether tranny is a slur (“What about Trannyshack?”). Zzz.