'New York' Says "Suck It"

Lance Bass Wants To Destroy ‘New York’

New York’s obviously making Lance Bass feisty, because the transient ‘Orker blasted New York journo Jada Yuan over this week’s Intelligencer blurb.

In said blurb, journo recounts Bass’ statements on his new New York living, including his dislike for floral prints and the fact the singer’s only been to Justin Timberlake’s restaurant a “few times”. Well, Bass apparently doesn’t like his own summation, because he launched one of the bitchiest attacks we’ve seen Sledd v. Perez.

Only more intelligent. Slightly.

…The writer suggests that I don’t hang out at Justin’s restaurant. I have been to Justin’s restaurant a number of times, and have taken my fellow cast members to it on many occasions as well.

I’m sorry floral print couches were reported on in my piece and nothing mentioned of this incredible musical, Hairspray, that I am in and how excited I am to be working and living among some of the greatest people on the planet.

Bass also took to MySpace page to launch a less civil attack on Yuan, including calling her a “dumb reporter”:

And, I dont [sic] think legally they can do that! Can they? This dumb reporter just put words in my mouth and turned everything I said into a negative.

If there ever was a need for a retraction this would be it…

No, Bass, if Yuan had said you dug up ancient corpses, filled their dead eye sockets with cottage cheese and skull fucked them – that would call for retraction.

New York, meanwhile, makes clear they stand by Yuan, but does agree with Bass: “I was the worst dancer in the band”. Me-ow!

[Update: Our gossip loving sisters over at Jossip took a look at Bass’ Wikipedia page and discovered Bass never finished high school. Thus, one can assume he never went to college. Thus, his criticism of the Upper East Side – “I’m not in college anymore.” – is misleading. So, in a way, Bass misquoted himself!]