Lance & Ben Hit The Skids?

All may not well for former boy bander Lance Bass. Tab rag Star reports that the 28-year old and his latest boy toy, Ben Thigpen, are having some relationship woes.

From the most recent issue:

Lance Bass is in deep water with his hairstylist beau, Ben Thigpen. On Jan. 27, the day before they were to fly to LA and move in together, the two had a huge fight.

Sources tell Star that furious Ben stayed in New York because during a brief mini vacation to Miami Beach, Lance locked lips with another guy at a bar – right in front of Ben! [Ed. note: OMG!] But friends predict the men will kiss and make up. “Lance has been phoning Ben a lot, hoping that he will forgive him,” says a source.

Let the Shiv’ah sitting begin!