If Only He Had Known...

Lance Came Out To Brit Because He Felt Bad For Her

Poor Britney Spears. She probably thought boy bander Lance Bass came out to her before everyone else because he valued her friendship. Bass, however, tells GQ he told her about his gay ways because he felt bad for her. Because, you know, nothing’s worse than being gay!

Via Page Six:

It was the night of her first wedding, actually. I was in Vegas with her, her dancers, her manager, and my boyfriend at the time… Her manager had already gotten rid of [her first husband] Jason [Alexander] – they’d flown him home. Britney was upset about what she had done. I felt bad for her. I knew she was about to go through a lot of crap. I felt the need to share something. So I sat her on my bed, and I’m like, Well, I’m gay!

Maybe Bass should have saved the revelation, ’cause things only got worse from there.

Bass tells the men’s monthly his coming out “surprised” Britney. Another person who couldn’t believe it – Marc Anthony, with whom Bass apparently used to be homies. “We were boys. We had a good time – before he was married. He was surprised when I came out.” We’re sure.

Oh, with regard to Britney – she and Bass haven’t spoken since he came out, even though they live next door to one another. Not that Bass hasn’t given it his all: “She lives next door [in California]. I tried to get in touch with her – I wanted to be that friend to help her.” You’re better off, Bass: Brit Brit’s toxic.