Lancome Worker Rescues Shoppers From Gunman In Oregon Mall

An employee at a Macy’s in Portland risked his life to usher customers to safety during a tragic shooting spree on Tuesday.

When Allan Fonseca, who works at the Lancome counter in Clackamas Town Center, first heard shots fired, he grabbed customer Jocelyn Lay and brought her behind the counter to hide. “He said that we needed to evacuate,” recall Lay, “and he took me by the hand and took me down the escalator and out to safety.”

But Fonseca didn’t stop there—he went back into the store and helped guide other customers away from the shooter, who has been identified as 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts. Armed with a stolen semi-automatic weapon, Roberts killed three unsuspecting victims.

“I felt that if I knew how to get out of the mall and out to safety then I should share that knowledge with everyone else,” says Fonseca. “So I decided to go back up because I wanted to see if there was anybody in panic or didn’t know where to do.”

We’re as jaded as they come, but every now and again we’re stunned by the bravery of everyday people like Allan Fonseca and Daniel Hernandez.