LAPD Cracks Down On Gay Hook-Ups Happening At Downtown Los Angeles Library

Reading is sexy. But it’s been getting a whole lot sexier at a Los Angeles library.

The Los Angeles Downtown News reports that LAPD officials have been investigating a “surge of illicit sexual activity” taking place in the restrooms and other public areas at the Richard M. Riordan Central Library in downtown Los Angeles.

So far nine arrests for lewd conduct have been made since authorities launched their undercover investigation in January. They say all the arrests have been for sexual encounters between men, most of which involve one man jerking off while another man watches.

Sounds kinda hot. Although we’re not sure about the whole public restroom thing. Too many germs.

LAPD Capt. Mike Oreb seems genuinely baffled by the bathroom hook-up phenomenon. “We’ve seen sexual activity in other places throughout the region, parks and public bathrooms,” he told the paper. “[We’re] not sure why anyone’s decided to focus on the bathrooms at the library.”

Dennis Romero, a writer for LA Weekly, says that the downtown library has been a popular gay cruising spot for years.  It even has a page on, a NSFW website dedicated to locating and reviewing public hook-up spots. The library’s profile describes it as the “best cruising location in LA” with “restrooms on every floor.” It also notes that anyone can hook-up there, and “you don’t need a library card unless you are checking something out.”

Something other than another guy, that is.