LAPD Mistakenly Publish Names of Accused Racial Profiling Cops

“The Los Angeles Police Commission violated its own strict privacy policy — and perhaps state law — on Friday, releasing a confidential report on the Internet that contained the names of hundreds of officers accused of racial profiling and other misconduct. The blunder, which police officials attributed to a clerical error, marks an embarrassing misstep for a police department that has staunchly rebuffed efforts by the public to learn the identities of accused officers and gain greater access to the discipline process.” The names were also emailed to the media. [LAT]

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  • getreal

    I say good it is like the posting of people who gave to Prop 8 to me. If you want to give money to take away people rights or use your position of authority to target minority groups I think you should be exposed.

  • Stef

    Sorry, getreal, but this is very very different than those who donated to Prop 8. This isn’t just a stupid mistake by the LAPD, but an exceptionally DANGEROUS mistake.

    Have you ever noticed most cops aren’t wearing wedding rings? Do you know why? Because cops get targeted a LOT, particularly by people they arrest. They never want people to know about their family life It puts their family life in danger.

    Now obviously racial profiling is bad (on some levels, I think it’s necessary. Living in NYC, taking the subways/trains every day, if they are doing bag searches, I think they are doing a disservice by checking the 78 year old grey haired grandmother with a bloomingdales bag, but NOT checking the 20 something year old aram kid with a backback because they are afraid of being PC…it takes away from the protection. but that’s just my opinion…). But, this list is of officers who have been ACCUSED of racial profiling. It doesn’t mean they DID racially profile someone.

    Do you know how many people come through Penn Station and have accused cops there or racially profiling them? One man stole a woman’s bag, then was taken down by a cop as he ran. The suspects glasses broke in the scuffle as he resisted arrest. He claimed not only that the cops racially profiled him, but that they they beat him and he threatened to get Al Sharpton involved.

    Now, I know there’s lots of bad cops in the world. I’m not naive or stupid. Racial profiling happens, bad cops happen, and bad things happen to very innocent people. But since this list is simply those who have been ACCUSED of racial profiling, it is unclear whether the accusations have been substantiated.

    So, take into consideration now all of these police officers names are out in the public. Which means their families can be traced.

    Take a very very angry black man who hates cops, hates whites, and doesn’t understand the difference between accusaed and convicted, and it puts the cops and their family in danger of some kind of “revenge”. THink it doesn’t happen? You are quite wrong.

    A lot of people see cop killing as a revenge tactic, an eye for an eye, lke they deserve it because of what they did to a “fellow brother”.

    Race stuff is a very very nasty. serious thing with, in my opinion much more heated emotions than anything that is pro/against gay marriage.

    I don’t know any gay people who would actively seek to harm someone who’s name showed up on the list of people who donated to prop 8. But there are many very violent people who would love to get revenge on a cop who supposedly arrested his friend because he was black.

    This could be a very costly mistake for the LAPD.

  • getreal

    Spoken like someone who has never been harassed, insulted, followed simply because of the face in the mirror. I make a very good living and pay quite a bit in taxes drive a nice car live in a great neigborhood but there are certain streets I can’t drive down after dark because I know I will be detained, bothered, and if I complain written a bogus speeding ticket. I never gave much thought to the racial profiling till I moved to LA but it is a constant reminder by the LAPD that to them I am a second class citizen. I know you are well meaning but I hope you never are in a position where a police officer decides to take your civil rights away. Law abiding black and latinos in LA have a lot more to fear from cops than they do us. When they murder us they get away with it and someone like you briefly looks at the news report and quietly tells yourself they must have deserved it. I don’t like to get aggressive but you don’t know what you are talking about and there are a group of people some of them violent who were exposed. and I’m glad maybe they will think twice before they pull over and harass law abiding citizens. That is what racial profiling is don’t you know?????? When you pull someone over with no probable cause based on the color of their skin. Karma is funny maybe you will have to experience something like it to have empathy for others.

  • getreal

    @Stef: And this “fellow brother” stuff are you for real is that your pathetic attempt at black people talk?. I seriously doubt crips and bloods who target each other not cops are perusing the LA Times website people like you make it difficult to be respectful but I am trying.

  • DstroySystem

    Dude, getreal, don’t be an asshole. For one saying that someone has no idea what they are talking about you’re making a lot of assumptions about someone you have never met. Now I can see where you are coming from, but people who talk trash or demean someone over, that really makes it hard to respect you. I believe that all should question authority; parents, govt, cops, etc. but killing a cop, as great as it may seem for revenge, only causes more violence between cop and civilian. If everyone were hippies the world would be a better place… And pot would be legal. Hahaha, but in all seriousness man, chill out.

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