Larry Craig Backs Act “Protecting” Marriage

Marriage has again become a hot political topic!

House Republican Paul Broun of Georgia introduced a “marriage protection” measure last month and yesterday Republican Senator Roger Wicker introduced similar legislation. It reads:

Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this Constitution, nor the constitution of any State, shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a woman.

Larry Craig and David Vitter are key cosponsors of the act. Craig, of course, got busted cruising men in an airport bathroom, while Vitter carried on with whores. And these are the people “protecting” marriage? DC sure is a crazy place!


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  • Darth Paul

    Isn’t this their only card to play?

  • Tintin Malfoy

    Craig and Vitter are a couple of ass-clowns. So it does not surprise me that they would jump on the “marriage protection” band wagon.

  • cambel

    You know, I’d feel sorry for Larry Craig if he wasn’t so stupid. I mean come on Larry, we all know….seriously, EVERYBODY knows you like the cock and sponsoring this bill isn’t going to take those horrifying images (to BOTH gays and straights) of you sucking dick out of their minds.

  • Rock

    Fuck you Larry Craig! Pathetic closet queen!

  • Rock

    You know what I’d like to see happen?

    The next time Larry goes to a public toilet looking for gay sex, I want someone to kick the crap out of them, leave him bruised and bloody on the floor, and then urinate on him.

    In fact, I want that to happen to all these scum-sucking anti-gay politicians. Let them know what it feels like to be gay-bashed. Then maybe they will think twice before demonizing the GLBT community.

  • Rock

    Oops.I mean kick the crap out of HIM.

  • Miss Understood

    Maybe next time he sticks his cock in a glory hole someone will do the right thing and bite it off.

  • fredo777


    Do we even need to bring up the pathetic hypocrisy of this guy “protecting” traditional values?

  • hells kitchen guy

    Oh, come on, guys, they’re both still married to their wives. THEY’RE the sick, pathetic ones for staying with these losers!

  • Charles J. Mueller

    It’s closeted queers (and I mean that in the most derogatory way as far as he is concerned) that make life miserable for the gay community. I despise them more than str8’s who fear us needlessly because of all the brainwashing they’ve received. At least, they are not lying to themselves about their sexuality like that piece of shit Craig is doing. He is the perfect definition of a faggot! Like several others on this thread, I too hope he gets the crap kicked out of him…and real soon. He deserves it. What a scum-bag.

  • PHX (the nelly one, not the Pale one)

    Hell’s Kitchen Guy,

    The only people more contemptible than Vitter & Craig moralizing, are their idiot wives standing by their sides, supporting them.

  • gen8joey

    Disgusting hypocrite Larry Craig is the worst of them all and NOT because he is closeted. Promoting himself on “family values” and shooting down all gay friendly bills while at the same time having a “wide stance” toe-tapping for gay sex in public mens rooms. Why is this assclown still in office anyway?

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