Grills Defense On Plea Withdrawal

Larry Craig Judge Holds Ruling

Larry Craig and his lawyers are going to have to wait for some judicial action. Minnesota judge Charles A. Porter says he will not issue a ruling in the Senators plea withdrawal case until next week, after Craig’s self-imposed resignation deadline. Though Porter didn’t issue a ruling, he issue many an inquiry for Crude Craig’s defense team:

…Throughout the 40-minute hearing, Porter repeatedly questioned Craig’s attorney, Billy Martin, and asked prosecutors only a single procedural question.

Porter pointed to Craig’s own early August guilty plea, in which Craig admitted that his activity in a restroom stall a the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport constituted a crime. Porter raised doubt about why he should allow the three-term senator to withdraw that plea.

“That’s what he did in his petition–admit what he did,” Porter told Martin.

Martin continually returned to his main legal argument, contending that none of Craig’s actions before his arrest rose to the level of illegal conduct. “We are not contesting any of those facts…but none of those facts, your honor, in and of themselves constitute a crime.”

Spin those wheels, Martin, ’cause we’ve got a feeling you and your client are about to be run out of town.