Larry Craig Not A “Gay Issue”?

As part of CNN’s Larry Craig coverage, Kyra Phillips interviewed an Atlanta police officer named Darryl Tolleson. Tolleson’s one of many coppers who cruise Atlanta’s airport arresting “lewd” travelers looking for toilet trysts.

In the course of their conversation, Phillips and Tolleson touched on an important topic: are these cruisers gay? Read the transcript:

Phillips: And tell me about the type of people that you arrested. I mean, give — can you tell me — well, first of all, let me ask you, have you arrested anyone that is well known like a politician or someone of famous stature?

Tolleson: No, I wouldn’t say that. But we have arrested certainly some high-profile people. It ranged from CEOs, bank presidents…

Phillips: Oh, my gosh.

Tolleson: … professors, college professors. So, it really runs the gamut as far as who we actually apprehend and who has been involved in this in the past.

Phillips: Are they gay? Are all of them gay?

Tolleson: I can’t say. I can only tell you that a good majority of these men do have families. And that’s been a little bit shocking to us. You would think that it would be more of a gay issue. But overwhelmingly more and more we’re seeing that these are people with families.

We’ve got a full analysis coming up in a few hours. Be prepared.

(Thanks to Petulant Rumblings for the video!)