But Is It Legal?

Larry Craig Uses Campaign Dough For Legal Battle

Larry Craig’s pulling a Mark Foley. No, he’s not preying on Congressional pages. The disgraced, toilet trolling Idahoan senator has tapped into his campaign coffers to fight an ethics investigation:

…Craig has spent nearly $23,000 in campaign funds to pay a Washington lawyer who represents him before the Senate ethics committee, a new campaign finance report shows.

The report does not show any campaign money used for legal expenses related to Craig’s criminal case, but a spokesman said that is merely a question of timing. Ethics lawyer Stanley Brand “bills more quickly” than Billy Martin, Craig’s lawyer in the criminal case, said Dan Whiting, a spokesman for Craig.

Though it may seem unfair, politicians can use campaign funds for lawyerly fees, but only if it pertains to their official business. Some wonder if Craig’s bending the rules. Meredith McGehee of the Campaign Legal Center wonders,

It’s kind of interesting that he would use his campaign funds but at the same argue he shouldn’t be punished (by the Senate) because this has nothing to do with his officials acts.

“Interesting”? It sounds criminal. And sneaky, just like Craig.