Toilet Queen To File Fresh Plea Today

Larry Craig’s Battle Begins

Larry Craig’s not giving up without a fight. After being busted soliciting sex in a men’s room and pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, resigning and then “not resigning”, the Idahoan Senator will file paperwork today to overturn the aforementioned plea.

Though lawyer Billy Martin won’t discuss his legal angle, the high-powered lawyer, who has also represented Michael Vick and Monica Lewinsky, says he’ll frame the case as a rights issue, “My job is to get him back to where he was before his rights were taken away.” Right

Martin’s argument will also focus on the media’s role in Craig’s downfall. He’ll hold that Craig pleaded guilty after facing “witch hunt” started cut throat journalists.

Craig’s got only twenty days to successfully argue his case. After that, his career’s as dead as Britney Spears‘.