Larry Craig’s Kids Love Their Live, “Not Gay” Father

The Larry Craig fan club now has four official members: Barney Frank, Arlen Specter and Shea Howell and Michael Craig, the soon-to-be former Senator’s children.

The Republican’s offspring popped into Good Morning America today to give three cheers for dear old dad. Sporting two earings and a suspicious lisp, Michael Craig told the ever-concerned Diane Sawyer he and his siblings will continue to stand behind daddy, whom they happen to believe: “He was a victim of circumstance, in the wrong place at the wrong time… It was tough standing next to him, but we are family and we stay together through good times and bad. We know who he is and we stand behind him. The young Craig also says that even if Larry were gay, they’d love him no matter what.

Meanwhile, Shea took a second to criticize the elder Craig’s backstabbing peers. “On Capitol Hill especially, people have made their decision and formed opinion without talking to even talking to my dad.” To this Michael added, “Candidates are leery of being associated with my father.” Hey, Romney and McCain, we think they’re talking to you…