Lame Excuse All The Rage

Larry Craig’s “Wide Stance” Leaving Mark

Larry Craig should be proud – he’s shaping America’s new generation of colloquial! We’ve all heard – and laughed – at Craig’s reasoning for toe-tapping an undercover officer’s foot: he has a wide stance.

In addition to becoming an instant national punchline, Craig’s ridiculous explanation’s now ingrained in our collective vocabulary: “The online Urban Dictionary defines ”wide stance” as a euphemism for a closeted homosexual.”

“Wide stance” ain’t the only linguistic offspring sprung from Craig’s loins. Radio host Grant Barrett correctly points out that another phrase seems to have caught on:

Are you tracking the term `toe-tapper?’ That’s gotten more traction than `wide stance’ so far. They both have too much cachet. They’re political, social, new, slangy and a little naughty.

Barrett goes on to wonder if these beloved phrases stand the test of time or will they be flushed with the next political scandal. We don’t know about you kids, but we’re totally and irreversibly scarred. We can’t even piss without thinking of Craig. A lawsuit may or may not be in the works.