Larry King Grills Clay Aiken


Okay, so onto the next part of Larry King Live: his interview with popster Clay Aiken. We admit, we find Clay Aiken to be a terrific bore, so we couldn’t bring ourselves to watch the entire hour. (Also, the sound of his voice makes us cry blood. It’s very messy.)

Basically, we just want to give King kudos. He tried with all his might to pry poor Aiken open, but Aiken simply wasn’t having it. Watching him squirm up there, we actually started to feel bad for the kid. Though it’s been years since we came out, we remember how utterly convincing the confines of the closet can be: the pervasiveness of denial seeps into your very being. Even if you’ve had sex with a man, the possibility of being gay becomes implausible. One truly believes they are straight. We suspect that’s what’s happening with little Clay Aiken. (No wonder he has anxiety attacks.)

Aiken insists that no matter what he says, people will believe what they want to believe. Um, no way. If Clay Aiken came out tomorrow, no one in their right mind would say, “No, he’s straight.” Never. Not in a million fucking years.