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Larry King Talks Gay Marriage With The Dali Lama

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.49.44 PM Larry King recently questioned The Dali Lama on gay rights, and here’s what His Holiness had to say.

Larry asked:

“What do you make of the whole emerging gay question — Russia banning homosexuality, in the United States we now have growing gay marriage — what do you think?”

The Dali Lama:

“That, I think [is a] personal matter…Of course, you see, people who have belief[s]…or have spiritual tradition, then you should follow according [to] your own tradition. But non-believer[s], that[‘s] up to them.”

When asked about gay marriage, he starts to say he feels it’s up to individual nations to decide, but Larry cuts him off to ask how he personally feels about the subject.

“That’s ok. I think [it’s] individual business.”

It’s a bit of a cop out, and not exactly an inspiring show of support. Persecution of gays based on “spiritual tradition” has been and remains a hurdle for LGBT people born into communities where being gay isn’t an acceptable option. And how about dreaming of a future world where gay marriage is legal everywhere?

That said, it’s nice to know he supports love, even if he does appear a bit squeamish discussing the matter.

Here’s the full clip: