Larry Kramer On The Normal Heart: “Gays Are Not Always The Best Supporters Of Gay Art”

That’s the thing, we wanted young people to see it. When we first opened, the older gays who we thought might come didn’t. I wasn’t surprised because I’ve learned from previous productions that gays are not always the best supporters of gay art, of gay writers. They just aren’t.

It was Daryl [Roth]’s idea to get the youngsters in. If they could prove they were 30 or under, she’d sell them a ticket for $30. And they started coming. And they started telling their friends, and their friends. So the audiences were very young, which was wonderful. And they didn’t have any preconceived notions about anything. It was all new to them. They were amazed, because they didn’t know all of this.”

Larry Kramer, on the initial reception of his seminal AIDS play, The Normal Heart, in Metro Weekly.


Image via David Shankbone

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