Larry Kramer Weds Partner David Webster In Hospital ICU

kramerWriter and relentless activist for AIDS awareness and LGBT rights Larry Kramer, 78, has made it legal with longtime partner, architect David Webster, 67, reports New York Times‘ Patrick Healy. The couple exchanged Cartier rings in a ceremony before two dozen friends and family members in the intensive care unit of NYU’s Langone Medical Center, where the award-winning playwright of The Normal Heart is recovering from surgery due to bowel obstruction.

The two men had planned to be married on the terrace of their Greenwich Village apartment, but with Kramer’s recent health problem, they turned those plans into a hospital bedside party.

Webster told the Times that Kramer was unable to attend the reception, “but we’ll have a party once he’s out of the hospital.”

As the Times noted, Kramer had been a long-time critic of state laws permitting gay marriage as long as the federal Defense of Marriage Act was in place. However, after the Supreme Court struck down DOMA last month, Kramer decided it was time to marry his partner of nearly 20 years.

Photo: NYT/David Webster