L.A.’s Gay Rags To Merge

frontiers00Frontiers Magazine, a longtime print companion to the Los Angeles gay & lesbian community is to merge with sister publication IN Magazine, starting with its Feb. 25th issue. A victim of the great global media apocalypse, the new magazine will be called Frontiers-IN Magazine, though, we have to tell you, we were really really hoping for the new name to be “Interiors.”

WeHo News has the details on the merger, which publisher David Stern said would not happen when he bought the magazine in 2007:

“At the time of the purchase, Mr. Stern said that the original idea behind IN LA was to operate two distinct “brands” under the same management.

Frontiers was considered a newsmagazine, whereas IN LA focused on softer features, profiles and entertainment news.

“Mark and I founded IN LA with Bob Craig as a partner to operate as two separate publications under one umbrella,” he told WeHoNews…

Both magazines survived the economic downturn 2000-2002, worsened by the mini-recession of post-9/11, with Frontiers closing its San Francisco office and ceasing publication of that edition pre-9/11.

They apparently rebounded, but the books have gotten smaller as the economic times got harder.

The editorial emphasis of the two magazines made a quick flip after the sale, with Frontiers becoming more lifestyle and entertainment focused and IN taking a harder, news-oriented approach.”

*Full Disclosure: Your editor was the Arts & Entertainment Editor of Frontiers once upon a time, before the position was eliminated. Oh, dead tree media, how we’ll miss you.