Last Comic Standing Comedian Todd Glass Comes Out

Let’s cut the shit here. Yeah, [I’m gay].

I have a very hard time saying that. And don’t get this wrong. I don’t want anyone to be ashamed of who they are—especially when you think younger people. I always hate using that term and that’s part of why I’ve always been sympathetic, or empathetic, to people who don’t want to be called this anymore. I hate that word. But I don’t like the other word—homosexual.

But gay? F— that! Why the f— do I gotta tell people I’m gay for? I’m not f—ing gay. I’m f—in’ Todd Glass. I gotta go up to people and tell ’em I’m gay?

I know it sounds so cliche, but it’s so much the f—in’ truth. I cannot listen to stories about kids killing themselves any longer and not think, “When are you going to have a little blood on your shirt for not being honest about who you are?”

—Comedian Todd Glass, on how gay-teen suicides were a major reason for his recent coming out, on Mark Maron‘s radio show, WTF.