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Late genderfluid actor Harry Hains lives on in beautiful new ‘One Love’ music video

Harry Hains, a young actor featured in American Horror Story and  The OA, tragically passed in early 2020. His legacy lives on in his art, especially the music he created under the moniker Antiboy.

Antiboy’s 2021 single “One Love” finds new life with this colorful animated music video from director Michael Saul.

“I formulated the video to be an innocent, child-like cartoon world where anything can happen,” Saul says. “I think this is Harry’s world.”

“It’s the kind of spirit that he felt in his heart and wished for the whole world. It may seem trite to some, but I firmly believe that one love is all we need to survive right now.”

Hains’ mother, Jane Badler, has helped keep the Antiboy project moving forward in recent years. The unfinished “One Love” track was rounded out with a bridge she composed and sang.

“Harry wrote ‘One Love’ a few months before he passed away,” Badler explains. “‘One Love’ encapsulates Harry’s philosophy.”

“My husband and I felt it was an important song, so we completed the demo with a great producer…it is directed not just at Harry, but all of us who struggle with acceptance.”

Saul’s animations enhance the poignant song with brilliant, bright visuals, and a dreamscape-like quality.

“The fact that the video is being released during LGBTQ history month is especially meaningful,” he notes. “I hope inspiring for those who find themselves lost or in difficult times. If we can all keep that spirit of love in our hearts we can accomplish anything.”

Take a trip with Antiboy through the world of “One Love”:

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