Late LGBT Pioneer Frank Kameny To Get Auspicious Send-Off But Funeral Costs Are A Bitch

After a half-century of activism on behalf of the LGBT community, Frank Kameny amassed a wealth of admirers—but not a fat wallet. Close friends for the 86-year-old WWII veteran, who passed away on October 11, are soliciting contributions to cover funeral and internment costs.

Helping Our Brothers and Sisters (HOBS), a Washington, DC, volunteer group that provides assistance to marginalized LGBTs, has promised to cover Kameny’s funeral expenses, but donations are needed.  (If you live in the Metro DC area, you might even consider buying a ticket to the group’s annual dinner on November 10.)

But Kameny is definitely getting a tribute worthy of his importance—more than one actually.

At the Smithsonian Museum, Kameny’s infamous picket signs and other artifacts went on display today and will be on view to the public through mid-January.

And on November 3 from 3 to 8pm, Kameny will lie in state at the prestigious Carnegie Library, where Mayor Vincent Gray, DC Council members and other civic leaders, friends and supporters will pay their respects.

According to a press release, there won’t be a formal funeral service but remarks and musical presentations may be made.

Dr. Kameny did not leave written instructions on his memorial services, though he did express some of his wishes during his life. As friends and all volunteers, we are attempting to honor those wishes as best we can. We urge all of his friends and allies to feel free to honor his memory in your own ways and to try to live up to his aspirations for a truly just and truly equal America.

We’re going. Are you?


Donations to HOBS can be made online or by mail, to HOBS, P.O. Box 53477, Washington, D.C. 20009.