Latest Coming Out: A Heroic Navy Seal

Brett-Jones-air-ops-sofrepFirst that WWE wrestler told us he was gay, then that football guy comes out, and now it’s a Navy SEAL! It’s getting so that all the butchest professions are also the gayest.

In a fascinating new article, Navy SEAL Brett Jones writes about his experience as a closeted Special Ops officer. The piece appears in SOFREP, a news site dedicated to military and Spec Ops vets.

For much of his career, Brett had to remain closeted. That meant lying to his teammates and lying to his dates. When he did manage to make it to a gay bar (the local one in Virginia Beach was called “Cactus,” for reasons we can’t quite fathom), he’d occasionally meet former colleagues who’d been dishonorably discharged.

Of course, when the time finally came that he could be honest with the world, it was far less disastrous than he’d feared. This is a time when the system worked: in a pure meritocracy, Brett’s skill and dedication to his job were what mattered most.

What the article does not address is how Brett was “forced out of the closet,” which sounds like it could be an even more fascinating tale. Did he come out before or after the repeal of DADT? The article’s unclear. But he says he’s still a Navy SEAL, so we’re assuming there were no career repercussions.

So now we just need some lumberjacks to come out, a monster truck driver, maybe a couple of coal miners — and going forward we can just assume that the more tough and rugged the occupation, the gayer it is.

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  • Taliaferro

    Why shouldn’t professions requiring skill, strength, integrity and brains attract gay men? We have all had fantasies about cowboys, lumberjacks, military men and the like. Thank the gods that times are changing so that we can acknowledge who we are!

  • B Damion

    I wish a navy seal man would seal the deal with me. lol get it? “seal the D..alright.

    Seriously though. I am over the coming out stories. The shock value just isn’t there anymore. But it’s still nice to hear about hot guys jumping out the closet.

  • KittyLitter

    Figures Q would select his best pic, but why no shirtless ones? :(
    I wonder how he was “forced out” of the closet though.
    I can understand it if he was spewing homophobic rhetoric, but if he was living a calm quiet life- why do that to him?

  • Deepdow

    @B Damion:

    Coming out stories are important for obvious reasons but especially in this moment in time considering we’ve just started to leave the dark ages.

  • mgmchicago

    hehehe… I dated a coal miner in southern Illinois for about a year in 1978-ish.
    He was very out (even in the mines) and was so friggin butch no one dared to cross him.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  • rickhfx

    Surprise gays are everywhere. When will this no longer be big news in the USA?

  • Cagnazzo82

    A navy SEAL would probably destroy you in bed.

    Those guys are like at peak physical condition.

  • murphy0071

    @Taliaferro: I have known gays in all of the fields you mention. Some are out in their communities and others are not. The idea that the average homosexual is not masculine is simply untrue. There are a few “flamers” but much of this happens during adolescence where they don’t have role models and think that being “Nelly” is part of being gay. The soon find out that is not true and drop the fake limp wrist.

  • Sebizzar

    @B Damion: They may not be shocking anymore but they should always put a smile on your face :D I especially love it because it’s just another to the list on our team, I’m so tired of homophobes trying to convince everyone that gays are such a small minority, they just don’t know how many closet cases are walking around!

  • Sebizzar

    And yes it’s always great if it’s someone in a workplace that isn’t “gay” to help break stereotypes.

  • SteveDenver

    @B Damion: “Seriously though. I am over the coming out stories.”

    Well, MORON, stop clicking on coming out stories!
    There are lots of us who like such stories and like to express our support, young people who will be encouraged by them, and straight people who will still be surprised.

    Your puerile attempt at humor illustrates your lack of intellect.

  • Caleb in SC

    @Cagnazzo82: When I was in the Navy in Norfolk, I had a boyfriend who was a SEAL. And, yes, he was a beast in the sack.

  • iltman

    @Caleb in SC: I can sort of testify to that, I once dated a member of the SAS (the British version of the Seals), and apart from being a really sweet man he was a dynamo in bed

  • RobertJohns

    It is really naive for anyone to assume that gay people do not exist in all walks of life. Stories like this are especially important for young gays struggling with their identity and for the breeders who think we are all a bunch of vain silly poofs mincing about like Chris Crock-er and Jessie Tyler Ferguson. I mean it’s only funny for about 5 minutes. Some of us cannot help being effeminate and that’s okay but we all know the road less traveled is the road to acceptance and it starts by coming out.

  • Caleb in SC

    @iltman: We have been to the mountaintop and the view was amazing!

  • BJ McFrisky

    More power to him. Considering the seriousness of the situations these men are sent into, I’m sure his colleagues see it as a non-issue. It may give new meaning to “Cover my ass, bro,” but I’m sure that’s something they can all get a good chuckle out of when they’re not ridding the world of the planet’s less desirables.

    @B Damion: I’m with you—announcing one’s sexual proclivities does not a parade merit. Can’t we just wish them the best and move on?

  • jwrappaport

    @Cagnazzo82: I assume you mean “destroy” in the most wonderful of ways? That was pretty much my thinking.

  • Charlie in Charge

    First off: very cool to have a gay action hero for kids (of all ages) to look up to.

    What’s a little weird is that every time a butch guy comes out so many people begin a chorus of hate for feminine guys. Isn’t the message here that gay people come in all kinds of different grades of masculinity? It takes serious balls to be a drag queen and it takes serious balls to be a navy seal. Here’s to balls.

  • B Damion

    @SteveDenver …don’t come for me. It’s not that serious.
    @BJ McFrisky
    @Charlie in Charge…I couldn’t agree with you more. Aside from the bedroom,fem guys like me gets no love. But it’s all good. All I can do is be the best bottom I can be.

  • Niall

    Navy SEALS are hot. That is all

  • DShucking

    I didn’t click on this until now because I wanted to let it fester and then open it up and see how it could be turned into something negative to argue over. Thanks again!

  • DJAlexanderStream

    The “Bar” mentioned is actually a gay dance club by the name of The Rainbow Cactus – it got its name because it used to be more of a country music club, although it is now a full-fledged modern dance club that also play host to great drag shows (including RuPaul alumni). I am one of the DJs at the club :)

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