Latino Leaders Continue To Press For LGBT Equality

Just days after The League of United Latin American Citizens passed a resolution in favor of marriage equality, a group of 21 Hispanic groups are debuting a national public-education campaign to build support within Latino communities for LGBT family members.

Familia es Familia, or “Family is Family,” will officially launch on Sunday, July 8, at the National Council of La Raza Conference in Las Vegas. Among the groups sponsoring the campaign are SER Jobs for Progress, the Dolores Huerta Foundation, Hispanic National Bar Association, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the National Council of La Raza and the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute.

But what about NOM and the Republican strategy to rile up conservative and religious minorities? Shouldn’t Latinos, who are predominately Catholic, stand against LGBT equality?

Not really, says Democratic strategist Maria Cardona: “Family is first and foremost for Latinos. But for Latinos, familia is all extended family and what is [an] anathema to most Latinos is the thought that they would turn their backs on any family member for any reason, including being gay.

The polls back up Cardona: Some 69% of Latino Christians say their faith is “accepting of all people, including gay people,” and a whopping 79% of Latino Catholics say you can support gay rights and still be a good Catholic.

Okay, but how many say you can be gay and a good Catholic?