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Latrice Royale & Mimi Imfurst Believe There’s More To Drag Than ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

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RuPaul’s Drag Race has made drag entertainment a global phenomenon, and fans of the show can be found in all corners of the world. But there is more to drag than what you see on the show.

We were lucky enough to have the chance to talk to two former contestants from Drag Race, Latrice Royale and Mimi Imfurst, as they prepare to hit the road on their new national drag tour, The Divas of Drag. The tour kicks off on March 25 in New York and features a diverse mix of entertainment, including RuPaul’s Drag Race queens and other well-known queens you’ve never seen on the show.

One of the goals of this tour is to show drag fans that there is so much more to drag than what they can see on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Enjoy a transcription of the interview below to read what these two fierce queens had to say.


the divas of drag queen tourQueerty: Can you tell me a little bit about The Divas of Drag and how this amazing tour was put together?

Mimi: Yeah! Basically I put together this tour because I wanted to find a way to showcase the wide range of diversity that exists in the drag industry, beyond just the girls from RuPaul’s Drag Race. We wanted to showcase all types of drag entertainers, whether they are live singers or dancers, whether they are male identified or trans or even biologically female. We wanted to open up the show to everyone.

Folks like Wendy Ho, she’s just so talented. She’s certainly in the drag stratosphere and I think sometimes folks like that don’t get included because it isn’t as obvious. We’re not trying to do obvious here.


What do you think is going to make this tour different than other shows and tours that are going on?

Latrice: The talent alone is so amazing. We have a lot of high energy, knock-em-dead, crowd-pleasing girls. These girls know how to shut it down. This is going to be something that fans have been waiting for. I know I’ve been waiting for it. It’s so diverse and dynamic.


How many queens will there be at each stop on the tour?

Mimi: Each city will have between eight and up to as many as 12 girls, depending on the city and schedule. We really tried to coordinate the schedules of all the girls to create the best show in each city as possible, and still maintain diversity.


Of all the girls on the tour, who are you most looking forward to hitting the road with?

Mimi: In general, I think that the tour bus is going to be absolutely terrifying and brilliant at the same time. I think the idea of being stuck on a tour bus with Alyssa Edwards and Trixie Mattel simultaneously is going to be interesting. There will be YouTube content for days!

Latrice: I love everybody, but bitch, I need some bitches that are going to keep me entertained! And there’s nothing like watching Alyssa Edwards. She’s must-see TV. Laganja’s must-see TV. You know what I mean? Because these bitches are twisted! Totally twisted. I get my kiki on when I’m around them. They never know if I’m laughing with them or at them. Haha!


Is there anybody who you couldn’t get for the tour that you wish you could have?

Latrice: I wish my girl Jennifer Hudson was on the bus with us, but that bitch is busy! Haha! No J. Hud this time around, honey.

Mimi: Well, we recently announced a competition to get local girls in each city in the show as well. Before Drag Race, Latrice and I were both local girls, and we still are local girls.

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rupaul's drag race season 8

Let’s talk about the Race! The new season of Drag Race will be premiering on March 7th. What do you think of the girls in the new season and is there anybody in the cast that you’re rooting for?

Latrice: First of all, let me tell you how elated and ecstatic I am because the promo is absolutely stunning! I loved everything about it. It is like Stepford wives back in the ‘60s, you know? They did a really good job. It’s a lot of fun, colorful and they put some thought into it. Unlike last season… The girls look beautiful this season.

Bob the Drag Queen, let me tell you. I actually met her and worked with her on a movie when I was in LA not too long ago and the bitch is hilarious. I love her. Love me some Bob the Drag Queen!

I know Robbie Turner from Seattle. My many, many trips to Seattle. I love Robbie, we go way back.

I’m interested to see what Acid Betty is going to do. She is old and set in her ways.

Mimi: I’m a New York City girl, so I’m rooting for my home girls. Bob and Thorgy and Acid Betty. I’m really excited for Acid Betty. She and I started doing drag in New York City at the same time and going to all the same parties. It’s really amazing to see her get the chance to do her thing. She’s crazy and doesn’t take any bullshit. I think this season is going to be filled with tons and tons of crazy personalities and is going to be fun to watch.

Let’s say that they learned their lesson from season 7.

Latrice: I hope they did because woo-wee!

Season 7 is the season that everyone will forget.

Mimi: Season 7 is the only season that made the first season of All Stars look good.

Latrice: Right! Now that’s terrible.


In your opinion, Mimi, what has been the best city you have been to while traveling in drag?

Mimi: One of my favorite cities is actually New Orleans. I love visiting New Orleans. It’s a great city. In terms of drag, one of my favorite cities for drag is probably San Francisco. I love San Francisco drag. And of course Philly! I wasn’t living in Philly, but I was traveling here for gigs, and I fell in love with it so much that I moved here.


So, Latrice… Who do you cyber-stalk and why?

Mimi: Herself! Herself!

Latrice: You want to know for real? You really want to know the honest truth? ME, bitch! Haha! For real, for real! I’m looking at me, me, me and what they’re saying about me. My name should be Mimi, fuck Mimi! Haha! For real, that is the most visited site ever – me. I’m trying to keep up with myself honey. It’s really hard to see what other people are doing unless it’s funny and somebody shares something, but other than that.


The one thing drag fans love more than anything is some information that they haven’t heard anywhere else. Since both of you will be releasing albums soon, what can you tell us about them?

Mimi: My album is called The Fire, and it’s coming out on March 22. It’s a full-length rock album that is partly inspired by Green Day and partly by Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It’s cool.

I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as a drag album. I’m in drag and singing these songs, but the songs are not about that.

I’m really excited for it because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’ve held back from doing it. I don’t really know why, but this is an opportunity to show a side of myself that people don’t know.

Latrice: I am releasing my debut album Here’s to Life and it’s going to be coming out on March 8th. This is really the soundtrack of my one-woman show, which is also entitled Here’s to Life.

I have been showcasing it and appearing in different parts of Europe and on cruises, but we have not debuted it in the United States until this spring. The Laurie Beechman in New York City is where the official premiere will be. We are also doing previews in Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis where I’ll be there performing with my live band.

The world is going to be in shock. Everybody who has heard it has been pleasantly surprised and they think it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s something that’s not been done or heard before from the likes of me. I’m excited!


Learn more about The Divas of Drag tour by visiting And be sure to follow Latrice and Mimi on all of their social channels for the latest updates about where you can purchase their albums.