Latrice Royale Shows Radio Host How To Hide His “Candy”

Latrice Royale, the chunky-and-funky lady who (until recently) was representing big girls on RuPaul‘s Drag Race, went on the Homo Happy Hour radio show in Orlando and helped the host to a live demonstration of how to “snatch the cat back.”

“You never had nails on your testicles before?” begins Latrice, who is apparently very hands-on.

Ms. Royale explains that she uses a piece of cloth to hold everything in place (a “gaffinator”) though other queens use duct tape (Ouch). Says Latrice: “If the dick gets hard, you’re going to be in trouble.” For real.

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  • BlogShag

    So does “she” eat enough for 30 people per day?

  • Eldred

    So amazing. Loved the video.

  • ChknBisct

    “She is large, in charge; chunky yet funky; the bold and beautiful. [She is] Latrice Royale! LatrIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE ROYALE!”

  • DJ Justice

    @Eldred: Hey Thanks! I was the tuckee…My name is Justice and I host the talk/entertainment show in question. My full interview with Latrice will be up soon along with a drunk threesom interview I did with Sharon Needles, Phi Phi O’Hara and Dida Ritz and ONE of them cried during the interview.

  • Chris

    @ChknBisct: Word! “Bold and beautiful baby” :)

  • James

    Miss Latrice Royale I was hoping you be in the final three. However you represent the plus size queen very well. I thought you were extremely polish with your makeup hairstyle and attire. I was stun and taken by your great lipsync performance. What a grest job you done on stage. I wish you continue sucess in your drag carerr. You are simply the best.

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