Latvian Homophobes Getting Fired Up

Boy oh boy, those Latvian homophobes sure are go-getters. It’s over four months until the small nation celebrates its gay pride, but they’re already rounding up their rectum-revolted masses. Via our homo-homies over at UK Gay News comes a literal translation of a manifesto they published in the free daily, RÄ«tdiena in which they take a stand against the so-called homo pederasts, gay friendly politicians and the pro-gay newspaper, Diena. Here’s an excerpt:

Ladies and gentlemen – do you have gunpowder in yourselves? Of course you do. [We’ve] called on activists to help organise a demonstration against pederasts and pederast ideology.

In just one day, more than 250 activists rang us… Thank you to all of you. Enormous, enormous thanks! No investment will be forgotten. No one is unnecessary in the people’s fight against pederasts and pederast ideology.

O, nation, wake up to a new Renaissance!

Readers, boycott and call on your fellow citizens to boycott the newspaper Diena, the main source of propaganda for pederasts and pederasty in Latvia! Don’t buy the newspaper Diena! Don’t subscribe to the newspaper Diena! Cancel your subscription to the newspaper Diena!

Forward, reader! Toward a new Renaissance!

Hmm, it’s been a while since we opened a history book, but we seem to recall the Renaissance having something to do with a revival of arts, science and other assorted cultural movements. How, then, can boycotting a paper and enforcing social stagnation be like a new Renaissance? Perhaps something got lost in translation.

Also, we know their t-shirts are spreading a message of intolerance, but we’d give anything for one of our very own. Okay, well, maybe not anything, but at least a blow job: our preferred method of payment.

(Oh, yeah, one more thing – we know the ladies pictured are Eastern European and really can’t help it, but they sure do look like dykes to us.)