A Lesson In Creative Religion

Latvian Pastor ‘Erases’ Arnold’s Gay Nup Veto

Latvian pastor man Alexey Ledyaev took liberties with reality this weekend. The founder of the anti-gay New Generation Church used Arnold Schwarzenegger to instill fear in his flock’s cold hearts:

Pastor Ledyaev said that the Governor had signed a whole string of California pro-gay and anti-family laws, and the “spin” also included the accusation that the Governor had actually signed the “gay marriage” bill (AB43: “Gender-Neutral Marriage Bill”).

“All the press wrote that he did not sign, but no one wrote that he had signed.”

That’s because he didn’t sign it. In fact, he vetoed it. And, if he did sign it, does Ledyaev think no one would notice except for him?

Newspaper owner Vlade Kusakin also joined in the Arnold attacks. Meanwhile another publisher, Stendzenieks Armand, celebrated the anti-gay Watchmen and Ledyaev’s church as instrumental in the fight for “human rights”. Ha!