Laura Albert Fesses Up:


We’ve all known for months that JT LeRoy never existed.
Following much speculation, the “writer” of The Heart is Deceiptful Above All Things – which was based on “his” experiences as a homeless teen hooker – and Sarah, was revealved to be Laura Albert. The person we saw as JT LeRoy was Albert’s estranged hubbies half-sister, Savannah Knoop.

Though Albert previously denied that she, in fact, wrote as JT LeRoy , she’s finally coming clean in the fall edition of The Paris Review. In it, Albert admits that she created the character of Leroy after her therapist encouraged her to write. Still, she says:

I’m proud of the work. JT saved my life and JT saved many other lives. People talk about the authenticity of the books. Those are my experiences.

She also says: “If knowing that I’m 15 years older than (LeRoy) devalues the work, then I’m sorry they feel that way.”

Um, that and the fact that LeRoy is/was a boy. But, still, we suppose only the message matters. You know, that lying’s okay.