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Laura Ingraham’s gay brother calls her out on her bullsh*t again (again)

Fox News demagogue Laura Ingraham‘s gay brother Curtis is once again not putting up with his homophobic baby sister’s propagandist B.S.

It all started when Ingraham ran a wildly misleading segment on her show Wednesday evening calling for public health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to be investigated and held accountable for their response to the pandemic the same way COVID deniers, propagandists, and snake oil salesmen have been blacklisted from the medical community for theirs.

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After she tweeted the segment, Curtis retweeted it on Thursday with a fact she conveniently left out of her broadcast: “Sibling reminder… my sister was one of the early COVID deniers who, along with the former Insurrectionist in Chief, continued to downplay the virus’s fatality, yet she was one of the first to be vaccinated?! Telling.”

During the early days of the pandemic, Ingraham and others at Fox News regularly downplayed the virus and peddled false narratives about it being “just like the flu”, something that was “invented in a Chinese lab”, a “hoax,” and a “conspiracy.”

Ingraham herself called Democratic leaders and public health officials “panic pushers” who were “weaponizing fear” and “hoping for misery” while secretly meeting with Donald Trump at the White House to promote hydroxychloroquine and talk about his COVID strategy.

Of course, none of this matters to Fox News viewers or execs. If it did, she wouldn’t still have a prime time slot on the conservative propaganda network.

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This isn’t the first time Curtis has put his lying, cheating, gay-hating sister on blast for peddling misinformation or generally being a garbage human being.

Over the past few of years, he’s accumulated over 150K followers by fact checking his sister’s lies and calling her out for the damaging, destructive, and untrue things she says about everyone from public health officials to LGBTQ people to drag queens.

He has also called her “nauseating” and a “monster” and, in a 2018 interview with Daily Beast, he said, “She’s very smart, she’s well-spoken, but her emotional heart is just kind of dead.”

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In other Laura Ingraham news, Meidas Touch, the Democratic PAC founded in 2020 to fight Donald Trump’s reelection effort, just put out a damning new ad attacking GOP leaders ahead of next week midterm elections.

The ad features a clip of Ingraham asking, “Which Republican official or candidate has ever condoned or in any way encouraged any type of violent assault? Can you start naming them? I can’t” alongside footage of several GOP figures doing exactly that.


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