Lauren Boebert blasts Kamala Harris for being poorly educated

Rep. Lauren Boebert and Vice President Kamala Harris
Rep. Lauren Boebert and Vice President Kamala Harris (Photos: US Gov)

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert tried to own Vice President Kamala Harris on Twitter yesterday, and the internet was having none of it.

Boebert tweeted, “Kamala Harris knows so little about everything that it’s almost impressive.”

Whatever your views on VP Harris, few can deny her academic background or experience. She graduated from Howard University and the Hastings College of Law at the University of California. She was the District Attorney of San Francisco, and the Attorney General of California, before becoming Senator for California, and then Vice President under Joe Biden.

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Boebert dropped out of High School, eventually gaining a GED diploma in 2020, a few months before she first took office.

Online, many were quick to collectively roll their eyes at Boeber’ts latest dumb tweet.

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Last week, in a bizarre rant on TV, Boebert said she didn’t know who was actually running the US anymore, Joe Biden or “Prince John of… Prince John.

It’s not clear what prompted Boebeet’s latest tweet against Harris. The Vice President has been in Europe in recent days meeting with US allies to discuss the war in Ukraine.

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