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Lauren Boebert kicks off Pride month by picking a fight with Randy Rainbow, fails spectacularly

It’s officially Pride month! And Lauren Boebert is obviously very triggered by this.

Last night, the QAnon congresswoman fired off an angry tweet blasting LGBTQ equality and accusing the left of being “groomers.” Then she turned her sights on… Randy Rainbow?

“A North Carolina preschool is using LGBT flag flashcards with a pregnant man to teach kids colors,” Qbert tweeted last night. “We went from Reading Rainbow to Randy Rainbow in a few decades, but don’t dare say the Left is grooming our kids!”

Of course, Bobert, a high school dropout who didn’t complete her GED until 2020, didn’t offer any evidence to support her outrageous claims. But that’s not  point, is it? She’s always been more interested in fanning the flames of hate than trying to find common ground or expand her worldview. (Side note: This is why education is important!)

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Randy Rainbow wasted no time clapping back, responding to Boebert’s unprovoked attack by tweeting, “Sweetie your homophobia is showing…and for the record, I’ve had my tubes tied.”

Randy 1, Qbert 0.

Now, here’s how others are responding…

Boebert’s hate for all things LGBTQ is nothing new, of course. In addition to opposing same-sex marriage and comprehensive sex ed, she opposes the Equality Act, saying it promotes “supremacy of gays”, and claims trans women steal scholarships and sports opportunities away from biological women.

She also wants to ban federal funding of research and publications into gender-affirming treatments for trans youth, calling it “horrific sexual research.” And she believes people should not be able to legally come out until they are 21 years old.

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