Lauren Boebert marks Pride Month in her usual crappy fashion … while skipping debt ceiling vote

Rep. Lauren Boebert pledges to "lead with grace"
Rep. Lauren Boebert (Photo: Shutterstock)

Given she vocally campaigned against it, you’d think Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert would be in Congress to vote against the debt ceiling bill. However, it turns out she did not show up on Wednesday.

The legislation passed in the House late that day by 314-117. Colorado’s Democratic Reps all voted ‘yes’, as did Republican Doug Lamborn. Rep. Ken Buck ( R) voted ‘no’.

According to CBS, Boebert’s office said that she filed a missing vote form that states she would have voted no.

The Senate approved the legislation last night and it now goes to President Biden’s desk for signing. It extends the government’s borrowing authority until January 2025 and avoids a potential default next week. Pretty important stuff, really.

Instead, Boebert did find time to mark Pride Month in her own, snarky fashion. She posted a tweet yesterday (June 1), stating, “I’m PROUD to be an American!”

She had another dig on her official government account. She claimed “Some of the woke companies that turned their logo into pride flags last June haven’t done it yet this time around. They’ve seen the power of conservative boycotts, and they are running scared. We are so back!”

Boebert’s comments come following Bud Light and Target faced a backlash for their LGBTQ+ outreach initiatives and Pride merchandise.

Online, many reacted to Boebert’s declaration of Pride by reminding her that many had no pride in her as a Representative.