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Lauren Boebert rails against fancy college degrees, reminds everyone of her GED

Rep. Lauren Boebert
Rep. Lauren Boebert (Photo: Facebook)

A tweet yesterday from Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R ) has prompted thousands of replies.

Boebert, 35, dropped out of High School in her senior year when she fell pregnant. She retook and passed the GED exam only in 2020, before running for Congress.

“The Left loves to knock my GED,” she said, “but think it’s normal to pay $200,000 to go to Harvard so Brian Stelter can lecture you on democracy.”

Brian Stelter is the former chief media correspondent for CNN. He recently took up a new position at Harvard University.

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Boebert’s apparent criticism of higher education chimes with others on the MAGA end of the Republican Party. Rep. Madison Cawthorn and Donald Trump Jr. are among those to warn young Republican activists that spending tens of thousands on certain college degrees might be a waste of time.

Boebert’s tweet prompted a huge response. No one was knocking her having a GED. It was more about her general lack of qualification to be in Congress, and her frequent displays of ignorance.

Just last weekend, addressing a church congregation, she read a passage from the Bible that mentioned “wanton killing.” She admitted she didn’t know what “wanton” (which she pronounced “wonton”) meant: “I’m going to have to look that one up, but it sounds interesting.”

Last week, during an interview, she appeared not to know the meaning of the 19th Amendment to the constitution. The amendment granted women the right to vote, but she asked the interviewer if it was something to do with abortion.

Here are a few of the replies to her latest tweet.

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