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Lauren Boebert tries to take the moral high ground. Fails miserably.

Rep. Lauren Boebert
Rep. Lauren Boebert (Photo: Facebook)

Nancy Pelosi’s husband was reportedly arrested Saturday for DUI in California. Paul Pelosi, 82, was held after his Porsche was involved in a collision with another vehicle in Napa County. TMZ was first to report the arrest.

Paul Pelosi has not issued any statement, and Nancy Pelosi’s office has said she will not be commenting on this “private matter”.

Of course, that didn’t stop several other lawmakers from rushing to social media to offer their opinion.

One of the first to gloat on the issue was Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, who tweeted, “This Memorial Day weekend, remember not to drink and drive. Save a life, call an Uber.”

It appears to be a responsible, safety-conscious message until you realize she purposefully tagged Nancy Pelosi in the tweet.

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The internet was very quick to remind Boebert that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It’s not like Boebert or her husband have never been in trouble with the law.

Boebert is known to have been hanging out with her future husband by the time she was 17. At around this time, Jayson Steven Boebert pleaded guilty to charges of “public indecency and lewd exposure“, after an incident at a bowling alley in which he reportedly took his penis out of his pants to show off a tattoo to two young women.

Boebert was also present at the time. Jayson was sentenced to four days in jail and a subsequent two years on probation.

In 2020, when running for Congress, the Denver Post revealed Boebert herself had a history of minor arrests: on at least four occasions in the previous decade. This included alleged harassment of a neighbor (for which she was not subsequently charged) and failure to appear in court for disorderly conduct charges (later dropped).

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In 2016, she rolled her truck into a ditch and was charged with careless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle.

Boebert failed to appear in court, leading to her spending 100 minutes in jail before being released on bond. She pleaded guilty to the careless driving charge (the unsafe vehicle charge was dropped).

Here are a few of the responses to Boebert’s tweet.

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