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Lauren Boebert, whose husband exposed himself to a minor, cracks awkward joke about flashing people

Another day, another myopic tweet from newly-elected Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert.

This week, Boebert tweeted a GIF from “The Office” of Rainn Wilson dropping his pants and lifting his shirt to flash Steve Carell along with the caption, “Going to the House Floor to vote these days…”

As you may recall, Boebert caused a huge scene one week after the January 6 insurrection when she set off the metal detectors inside the U.S. Capitol then refused to let Capitol Police search her bag. Days earlier, she had vowed to bring her Glock to work.

Her tweet about flashing people appears to be an attempt at making light of that situation. Unfortunately, it completely backfired when she was once again reminded about that time her husband pled guilty to public indecency and lewd exposure after he showed his penis to a minor at a bowling alley.

Seriously, guys, you can’t make this sh*t up.

Last October, internet sleuth Anne Landman uncovered a 2004 case involving Lauren’s then boyfriend/now husband, Jayson, including a 14-page arrest report with details about what allegedly happened.

According to the report, Jayson was arrested on January 28, 2004 for exposing himself to a group of women, including a 16-year-old girl, at the Rifle Fireside Lanes Bowling Alley in Rifle, Colorado.

He initially told officers he “displayed his thumb pretending it was his genitals in a gesture of fun,” but witnesses disputed his account and said it was definitely his penis because “thumbs aren’t 6 inches long.”

Jayson later pled guilty and was sentenced to four days in jail plus two years probation.

One would think Boebert would have considered this awkward chapter in her family history before cracking a joke on Twitter about flashing people, but foresight has never been her strong suit, as evidenced by her lengthy rap sheet.

And now, the responses…

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