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Lauren Boebert: Women the “lesser vessel”, need masculinity in their lives

Rep. Lauren Boebert
Rep. Lauren Boebert (Photo: Public Domain)

Lauren Boebert has been roundly mocked online for her latest comments about gender identity.

Boebert had made no secret of her contempt for trans rights and people who identify as something other than the sex they were assigned at birth. Unsurprisingly, she also has some strong views on traditional gender roles.

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The Colorado Rep. appeared on the Brad Stine Has Issues podcast, hosted by the conservative comedian of the same name. The discussion touched upon trans participation in sport, leading Boebert to explain that women are “lesser vessels” to men.

“We are created equal, we’re not the same. Women are the lesser vessel and we need masculinity in our lives to balance that, that so-called weakness. Just us being more frail and needing that strength in our lives,” Boebert said.

Boebert faces backlash over comments

Boebert’s Democratic opponent in the midterms was among those to question her viewpoint.

“Rep Boebert is belittling the generations of women fighting for freedom to make their own life choices, whether that’s prioritizing careers, families, service or a combo,” said Adam Frisch.

He continued: “The women in my life are no less capable than the men, and I have met so many strong women in this district who I know would take issue with being reduced in the way Lauren Boebert’s comments are doing.”

Here are just a handful of other reactions to Boebert’s comments.

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Many political observers assumed MAGA devotee Boebert a sure bet to win re-election in this November’s midterms. But a new poll at the start of October showed Frisch just two percentage points behind her (45% to her 47%).

A poll a couple of weeks ago spelled even further trouble for Boebert. It had Frisch at 45% and Boebert at 40%.

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