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Lauren Boebert’s brain malfunctions on live TV and Twitter is having a field day

Hot off the heels of shamelessly heckling Joe Biden during the State of the Union address last week, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is out in the public square trying out new, equally cringey insults aimed at the president.

She may have wanted to practice a bit more first, though.

Appearing on Fox News, Boebert appeared to overheat and short-circuit as she attempted to get her soundbite out.

“I don’t know who’s running the federal government these days,” she told Fox host Jesse Watters. “Joe Biden or Prince John, uhh… from… uhh… ehh… uhh … Prince John.”

“But they’re taxing us into poverty,” she added.

It didn’t take long for “Prince John” to start tending, with many commenters plucking the low-hanging fruit of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s (R-Georgia) recent “gazpacho police” gaffe for combined, comic effect.

Here’s what people are saying:

Boebert later clarified that she was referring to Prince John of Disney’s Robin Hood, a character who taxed the poor.

“For the record, Prince John > Joe Biden,” she tweeted Wednesday morning, along with a cartoon visual aid:

Boebert has been vocal (obnoxiously so, arguably) about the need to increase American fossil fuel production in the wake of banning Russian oil imports. At the State of the Union, she wore a jacket emblazoned with the phrase “drill baby drill.”

And earlier on Tuesday, she tweeted: “Cutting off Russian oil is the right move. Doing so without increasing American energy production is insanity.”

On Monday, executives at some of the world’s biggest oil and gas producers said they’re doing just that, ramping up crude production.

The Biden administration has also initiated talks to potentially ease sanctions on Venezuelan oil, a controversial move given the fact that the country is run by an authoritarian regime.

Boebert appeared to try and burn Biden on this, too, as her first attempt went so well.

“Here’s Biden’s energy policy: Anyone but America,” Boebert said. “OPEC, Venezuela, you name it. If it’s not American energy, Joe doesn’t want it.”

Nailed it.